April 22, 2024
This Interior Designing Couple's Buenos Aires Home Will Take Your Breath Away

If you’re in the mood to travel, but don’t have any trips planned for the foreseeable future, we’ve got just the thing you need – a virtual trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina! This vibrant city has so much to offer – excellent restaurants, beautiful architecture, and plenty of different neighborhoods to explore. If you like gorgeous homes with an eclectic blend of modern and vintage design elements, then this home by interior designers, Linda Bergroth and Martin Wällström will be right up your alley! We’ve also included some fun facts about Buenos Aires that we hope you’ll enjoy as well!

A beautiful love story

It’s difficult to be apart from the one you love, but there are perks too. Pilar and Nicholas were able to develop a lot of really special and unique ideas in the midst of their long-distance relationship. They both lived in Argentina and met while traveling through Latin America. Now they live together on a farm in Iberaítica, Uruguay where they design spaces that people want to spend time in.

These two architects have designed a number of projects, including high-end homes in Manhattan, chic apartments in Buenos Aires, and an enormous event space for Mercedes Benz. Their goal is to build spaces with good energy – so it should come as no surprise that their home is full of natural light and offers plenty of outdoor terraces for relaxation and contemplation. The place reflects their taste and style without being too precious or ostentatious; instead, it feels welcoming, grounded, and comfortable. The couple has worked hard to create what they call a little paradise here in the countryside of Uruguay. A serene retreat filled with artful living.

The exterior decor

Though it’s not uncommon to see unique and rich-colored murals in Buenos Aires, the one by local artist Fikis is among the most breathtaking and well-loved. Originally painted for a 2011 art festival, Sala Pintura Transversal covers nearly 250 square meters of wall space at the Villa Urquiza apartments in Parque Patricios.

The mural features two figures—one robed and feminine, the other bare-chested with a masculine swagger—walking hand in hand toward a colorful backdrop with an urban landscape of stylized skyscrapers. The mood is joyous but slightly melancholic, as if they are walking away from something they can never return to.

The interior decor

Incorporating a variety of natural materials, like timber, marble and stone-topped coffee tables and dining tables. Adding pops of color via vibrant cushions, artworks or floral arrangements. And creating that beautiful mix of styles by combining luxe rustic antiques with sleek contemporary furniture. These are the secrets to their stunning rustic glamour.

The Andersons’ secret to their decor style is mixing up textures and finishes to add interest–not an easy feat but worth it for the end result!

Dream home walk-through

Built in 1919, this stunning brick residence is fit for any resident, whether it be a couple, or an expansive family. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms all situated within the confines of beautiful wrought iron balconies and archways, not to mention the beautifully detailed staircase with its glossy hardwood flooring that leads up to every room of the house, it is easy to see why this magnificent Buenos Aires home takes your breath away.

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