July 21, 2024
Jenna Fischer's Home Office

Your home office should be more than just a glorified place to do your work. It’s also where you probably have your most important personal items, so it should be designed and decorated to feel like it’s a welcoming part of your overall home. This summer, Jenna Fischer of The Office fame gave fans an inside look at her own home office, and it looks pretty perfect if you ask us! Take a look at these five reasons why Jenna’s office might inspire you to add some organizational touches of your own. [Add the reasons here]

She loves her office space

Recently on Good Morning America, Jenna offered us a peek into her home office and we couldn’t help but swoon! First off, the actress-turned-author said that she works in the living room, where there is lots of natural light. She also said that there are still little kids’ toys around (because she likes to keep things light).

Overall, it seems like Jenna has found the perfect work-from-home balance for herself. It looks like her space has every detail figured out to provide for a well-rounded working day.

She uses it every day

Fischer states that she uses her home office to work, which includes voice-overs, recordings, and editing. She says it’s important to work in a space that you are comfortable in. I find that as I get more stressed, I just go back to my bedroom or take off my headphones and go into the backyard, she says. I don’t know how people do this all day long.

She keeps it functional

The social media darling shares a glimpse into her home office space.

Jenna Fischer is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. But, not many people know that she has been hard at work to be successful outside of the TV and film industry. For example, her dream to be a writer has culminated in two New York Times best-selling books with more on the way. In between writing projects, she also runs an organizational consulting company and co-founded The Laughing Planet Cafe chain. No wonder her desk at home was overrun with paperwork!

She has two desk areas

According to an interview with People, the large desk on the left is where she deals with mail and paperwork, and the smaller desk on the right is her creative workspace. This smaller space has her desktop computer with a stand for her 27-inch monitor and dual arm monitors that allow for multitasking. There are no windows in this area, but there is plenty of natural light streaming in from the windows by Jenna’s personal shower area as well as by her bathroom. These are two of four desks in Fischer’s office!

Her favorite items in her office

Jenna also loves her Eames Plywood Desk because it reminds her of growing up in Missouri, where desks were built from plywood. My dad was a carpenter and I grew up around plywood, she said. I love the warmth of this desk. She thinks people can feel the connection to their own histories with their homes, desks, couches, and artwork. The huge rug in her office also means a lot to her.

Little, bright touches make it more inviting

Don’t forget to make your office space welcoming. Even though you might spend most of your time at a desk, make it feel like a room you want to spend time in. Throw some plants or pictures on the wall, add cozy touches like candles or pillows, and consider giving yourself a small break area so that you have somewhere to go to take a quick walk away from your computer screen.

For another bright idea, check out this blog post with ideas for ways to make your workstation more colorful and fun.

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