February 27, 2024
Your Enneagram Type & the Home Decor Style That Matches

Enneagram types are personality traits found in each of us that influence our behaviors and the way we live our lives, even when we aren’t conscious of them. Each Enneagram type has its own set of core desires and fears, as well as an overall purpose in life that should be reflected in everything we do. One of the most important things you can do to fulfill your purpose and reach your goals is to decorate your home according to your Enneagram type.

The home decor style for each enneagram type

Type One – The Perfectionist: For a sense of peace, perfectionism, and organization, the home decor style should be clean, comfortable, and orderly. Furniture should be minimal and neutral colors are best. Patterns are usually an element that is too indulgent for this personality type. Neutrals and soft colors work best in this scenario because they represent purity to the Type One personality.

How does this style make you feel?

  1. The Perfectionist. Those who have a perfectionist personality type are likely always striving for the ideal, so they may enjoy a home with clean lines and simple decor. Complement this look with an eye-catching vase and accessories that bring some brightness to your space.
  2. The Helper. If you’re on the helper enneagram type, you care about others more than yourself. You might find it easier to live in a roomy home with lots of clutter because it reminds you of the happy moments in life or makes people feel at ease. A mix of traditional pieces and bold pops of color will help you achieve this style!
  3. The Achiever.

Where do you naturally feel most comfortable?

I am most comfortable when I am at home and surrounded by plants. It gives me that feeling of serenity. What’s your favorite place to be in your house? My bedroom. It is my sanctuary, so it needs to feel like a soothing oasis for me. My bedroom needs to be decorated with calming colors, such as blues and greens, as well as all-natural textures, such as wood and stone.

What colors feel best to you?

This is a question that can be hard to answer. What feels good may not always be what looks good and vice versa. Ask yourself, What makes me feel calm or what relaxes me? when looking for your favorite color. You may find that you have a number of different favorites because there are many factors at play. It is also important to know that everyone has their own version of each color, so everyone will think green will look different than someone else thinks it will look.

How is it expressed in your home decor?

People with type 8 as their dominant personality type can often be seen decorating their homes with some of the most extravagant and showy pieces around. You’ll find them filling their space with grand sculptures, gold leaf furniture, and almost any color or pattern that might seem too intense for some. These individuals are often looking to impress others and make sure they don’t take anything too seriously so this zany style tends to suit them quite well.

Which pieces are essentials?

Some rooms in your home should be designed to project an atmosphere of relaxation, while others are meant to enhance your creativity. Based on your personality type, these are the essentials you’ll need for a functional and stylish space:

Type One: Natural materials like earth tones and clean lines will allow you to have a stress-free space.

Can you give an example of a room like this?

People who have type 9 personality traits will prefer to surround themselves with luxuries and more subdued colors. Rooms for this type of person might include elegant, oversized pieces with decorative features in golds, browns, or tans. Cushions and accessories can be light-colored patterns or muted shades like burnt orange. As this person values luxury, it is best to incorporate as many pleasing textures into their home decor as possible. Putting down a plush rug while still using comfortable furniture pieces is a great example of this!

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