February 27, 2024
Which TV Home Would You Most Like to Live In

The idea of home ownership is something that many people are familiar with. Maybe you grew up in the same house your whole life, or maybe you moved around from place to place until you found the perfect fit. Either way, there’s no denying that each of us has some kind of connection to the idea of owning our own homes, even if we aren’t currently residing in one! So how do those TV homes from your favorite TV shows stack up? Which ones would you most like to live in?

Ranking The Opulent Mansions

  1. The Blake mansion from Dynasty
  2. Any of the Maysons’ abodes from Mad Men
  3. Niles and Frasier’s city penthouse in Cheers
  4. Wilkes-Barre Manor in Downton Abbey
  5. Last but not least, Springfield on The Simpsons

Ranking The Modern Sophisticated Spaces

. West Beverly Hills 90210 – I am a fan of West Beverly Hills 90210 and would love to live in this white and gray home with a huge backyard. This home has many windows which lets the sun light up the rooms giving it an open feel. I also love the tree in front of the house for when I need some fresh air or want to do some outdoor work on a nice day.

Ranking The Larger Than Life Lofts

In no particular order, the following are the top 10 favorite TV homes that people on my social media feed would like to live in:

  1. -Big Bang Theory
  2.  -Sex and the City
  3. -Friends
  4.  -The Golden Girls
  5. -Boardwalk Empire

Ranking The Quirky, Bright Bungalows

  1. New Girl (Seasons 1-3) The Silver Lake house provides a quirky, witty atmosphere that matches the New Girl characters perfectly. Plus, they have a garage and three bedrooms!
  2. Broad City Since we have never seen the inside of Abbi and Ilana’s Brooklyn apartment, it’s impossible to know if this is the home fans would most like to live in, but they are always welcome in ours!

Ranking The Sparsely Decorated Spaces

  1. Michael and Janice’s House from That ’70s Show
  2. Phoebe Buffay’s Apartment in Friends
  3. Sheldon Cooper’s Apartment in The Big Bang Theory

Ranking The Small Spaces With Colorful Style

The small living spaces on House Hunters are where the drama happens and for good reason. If you’re looking for colorful style, bookcases that turn into stairs and rooms that act as a chef’s kitchen and library, these homes will make your head spin with envy.

Ranking The Family Friendly Houses

  1. House from Family Ties
  2. The Brady Bunch house
  3. Modern Family home
  4. Roseanne’s Conner family home
  5. Full House house
  6. Silver Spoons’ Driscoll family residence
  7. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’s Nelson family residence
  8. Saved by the Bell’s Slater household
  9. Will & Grace’s Karen Walker apartment (New York City)
  10. the Andy Griffith Show town of Mayberry where Sheriff Andy Taylor resides

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