April 22, 2024
We Downsized Our Life to Fit Into an 86-Square-Foot Sprinter Van

How does an entire family of four live in an 86-square-foot space? For the Carvers, it’s only one part of their minimalist lifestyle, but it was an experiment that they never expected to take this far. When they sold their 5,000-square-foot home and got rid of most of their possessions, they decided to downsize even further by moving into a converted Sprinter van. The kids might not have as much space as other kids, but they’re not missing out on anything because they have all the necessities in life: food, water, shelter, and people who love them.

What Is A Minimalist?

A minimalist is someone who tries to live with only the things they need and nothing more. For some people, this means owning fewer than 100 possessions. For others, it might mean living in a small space like a van or RV. The point is to declutter your life and focus on what’s important to you. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how nice your home is; if you can’t be present because of stuff then something needs to change. We downsized our lives to fit into an 86-square-foot sprinter van and got rid of everything we don’t use on a regular basis. We want to build memories instead of buying things that we’ll just throw away one day.

How Did It Start?

For the Robertsons, it all started with a road trip. They had always loved camping and spending time outdoors, so when they had the opportunity to travel across the country in an RV, they jumped at the chance. After a few weeks on the road, they realized that they loved the freedom and flexibility that came with living in a small space. When they returned home, they sold their house and everything in it and bought a converted Sprinter van. It’s been a gradual process of downsizing our life and giving away or selling things we don’t need anymore, Julie said. As we give things away or sell them for money, we buy what we need for our new lifestyle as minimalists living in a tiny home.

What’s Next?

Now that we have settled into our new home on wheels, we are looking forward to exploring all that North America has to offer. We plan to visit every state and province over the next few years, and can’t wait to see all the amazing sights and experience all the different cultures along the way. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find a permanent home somewhere out there! What’s your take on living in a small space? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

  1. I love it! There’s no need for any possessions at all. Less is more!
  2. Living in a van sounds so exciting and adventurous. It also seems like you would get to know yourself better by living in such close quarters with just you and your family. You could really focus on one another without being distracted by material items.

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