May 30, 2024
The 12-Foot Home Depot Skeleton Is Back For Halloween!

For the 23rd year in a row, Home Depot’s Halloween skeleton display has become an iconic part of the fall season and it’s back this year with two new additions: a 7-foot tall spooky friend and a 6-foot long pet skeleton. They are both sure to get you in the spirit of Halloween if you can look past the fact that they aren’t exactly spooky—the friend looks like he walked straight out of Tom and Jerry, while the dog looks more like a toy than anything else.

About the skeleton

The 12-foot skeleton has been a Home Depot staple for years, and it’s back for Halloween this year! They’ve even brought a spooky friend along with them. Be sure to check out the skeleton and their friend at your local Home Depot this Halloween season! Please visit our website for more information about what we have going on this Halloween season. We hope you’ll stop by one of our stores to see these ghouls for yourself! Plus, find other spooky decorating ideas in our blog posts! You can also purchase any Halloween decorations or items that you might need right here on our website as well. Happy Halloween!

What’s new this year?

The 12-foot skeleton is back and he’s brought a spooky friend! This year, the skeleton is joined by a 6-foot tall animatronic spider. The spider moves and makes noises, adding an extra element of scares to the display. The skeleton and spider are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike this Halloween season. Be sure to check them out before they disappear on November 1st! We also have some other fun decorations in store for you this year, including balloons that will make your guests smile as they enter your house. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in booking one of our rentals for your home or business!

Why do people come to see it?

There are a few reasons people come to see the skeleton. First, it’s a really impressive sight. At 12 feet tall, it’s hard to miss! Second, it’s a great photo opportunity. Third, it gets people into the Halloween spirit. Fourth, it’s a fun tradition for families and friends to do together. And fifth, who doesn’t love a good skeleton?!

We recommend dressing up as your favorite hero (or villain) from TV or movies and taking a selfie with our beloved friend here at the store. You can post on our Facebook page and Instagram with #homedepotSkeletonSelfie for a chance to win some awesome prizes from us! The best part about seeing the skeleton is getting a chance to talk about all of the different things that we have in stock. It may be more than just something for those DIYers out there, but it might also be exactly what you need for your home improvement project!

The skeleton will be back every year around this time until he falls apart. If you stop by this October, don’t forget to say hello and give him a high five before he’s gone again next year!

How did they create it?

The skeleton is made out of PVC pipes and chicken wire, and is covered with a black trash bag. They used hot glue to attach the chicken wire to the PVC pipes, and then wrapped the whole thing in black duct tape. To create the eyes, they cut out two white felt circles and glued them onto the skeleton’s head. Finally, they added a red LED light inside the mouth for a spooky effect! It was so much fun, you guys. I recommend checking it out this weekend if you’re near one of these stores. And don’t forget to bring your camera phone—it’s totally instagrammable!

Tips for visiting with kids

  1. Timed entry tickets are available online to help with social distancing.
  2. All guests are required to wear masks.
  3. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the event.
  4. Strollers are not allowed in the exhibit area.
  5. Cameras are not allowed inside the exhibit area. Admission includes one complimentary drink. Costumes are encouraged, but not required, and all children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you’re planning on visiting more than once, consider purchasing a membership for $25 which includes unlimited admission for one year and exclusive discounts on select items from the store.

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