April 22, 2024
Reflecting Style: Expert Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

People use mirrors for a variety of reasons, which aren’t limited to checking their outfits or touching up their make-up. They are useful and beautiful, some coming in unique shapes or placed in ornate frames. Mirrors are necessary household objects, but they can also be used for a more frivolous purpose: decorating your living space.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Mirrors in Interior Decor

Some benefits of including mirrors in your interior design include:

– giving the illusion of more space. This is very beneficial if you live in a small space. Mirrors can help your tiny apartment look bigger.

– increasing the appeal of a room. They can make a room look more beautiful and pleasant to stay in.

– increasing a room’s lighting. Mirrors can help brighten up a poorly lit room. They add ambience that sometimes you can’t feel without the light and depth of space they bring in.

– balancing a room. Mirrors represent the element of water, and if you have a fire element in the room, such as a fireplace, they can help balance the energy of the space. Placing them above a fireplace can soften the atmosphere of the room. If you place a mirror in the entryway, your guests will feel more welcome. It’ll also allow you to get one last visual check before heading out.

– being versatile. You can use a mirror as a default piece for any room if you’ve run out of ideas on how to decorate it. If you’re unsure what a room’s decor is lacking, a mirror will serve as a great temporary alternative until you figure it out. It can turn out that this was the piece you were missing.

How to decorate with mirrors

Below are some ideas on how to include mirrors in the interior design of your living space. You can take them as starting points and play around, combining mirrors and other furniture until you’re satisfied with the results.

Make a narrow hallway look more spacious

Place identical mirrors side by side along the hallway wall to make it look broader. This same technique can be applied to smaller rooms where a large mirror strategically positioned with the assistance of a handyman can create the illusion of increased spaciousness, making your living areas feel more open and inviting.

Make a mirror the focal point of a room

To make a statement with a mirror, place it on the most prominent wall. In a bedroom, lean a tall, slender mirror against the wall in the corner of your room. For more effect, decorate it with fairy lights or place another type of lighting behind it.

Use them to shift the attention towards another accent element in the room

Position the mirror in such a way that its reflection brings attention to another interesting object in the room, such as a vase, table lamp, clock or a unique art piece. However, avoid placing it where it can reflect less desirable items or areas, such as a cluttered desk or a plain couch. Besides placement, hang the mirror in an appropriate for space height. This will depend on what you want to be reflected. Sometimes, placing a mirror higher or lower than eye level will work better for the situation.

Use mirrors to brighten up a room

Hang the mirrors across from windows so they’ll reflect natural light into the room. You can also arrange them in a way to reflect some source of artificial light. If your room boasts an elegant chandelier, collaborate with a handyman to expertly position the mirror to accentuate the chandelier’s beauty and effectively disperse its radiant glow throughout the space.

Conceal a problem area on the wall with a mirror

If your living room wall has a hole or an unattractive patch of paint, place a mirror over it just as you’d put a painting or a photograph.

Balance the living space with a pair of large, window-like mirrors

If you feel like your living room’s decor is neutral, place two large mirrors on one of the walls. It’s best if you do it across from the windows so you get the added benefit of bringing more natural light in. This can bring a sense of balance to the room.

Include a mirror on a gallery wall

An arrangement of photographs or paintings and a mirror in a decorative frame can make a statement. If the frame is golden-like, placing this arrangement above a wooden furniture piece will make them accentuate one another perfectly. If you’re short on paintings or photographs, simply create a gallery wall with many small mirrors. Like with a photo wall, treat them as one unit when deciding on placement. This will look best in a room with less clutter. The frames can be visually busy, but if you add that to a small, cluttered room, it could be too much.

Use a simple, tiny mirror as an accent

Placing a small mirror on your bedside table, for example, adds an inviting touch to the space.

Add a bit of drama to the room with a mirror

Use an over-scale mirror with an ornate, golden frame for a dramatic effect. If you have two large windows in the room, place it between them. It’ll work as a faux window.

Use mirrors to integrate Bohemian decor

Bohemian design is all about expressing yourself in the interior of your space. It’s about adding more things to a room that tell your personal story. What better way of expressing yourself than adding an element that can literally reflect you? Include wardrobes with mirror doors in your bedroom. Place them across from the windows and add other elements, such as decorative curtains and cushions, in natural and earthy colours as accents. You can also use many smaller, unique mirrors placed around the room or a big one as a statement piece.

Choose the frame depending on the atmosphere you want to create in a room

If you’re going for a more historical and dramatic feel to the room, choose a golden, ornate frame. There’s an abundance of different frames that will work well for modern, traditional, classic or vintage styles. If you want to go minimalist, you can skip the framing entirely. The glass of the mirror can also influence the decor: smoky glass or an antique mirror with imperfections can greatly contribute to the atmosphere of a space.

Hang them horizontally

Hanging the mirrors horizontally instead of the usual vertical placement will give the room more movement and uniqueness. It will accentuate the shapes of the room by creating contrast with shapes.

Use it as an accent on a black wall

If you have an empty matte black wall, hang a larger, frameless mirror on it to accentuate it and keep the space from feeling too heavy. This is a great minimalist look. The mirror will reflect light in the room, keeping it from being too neutral.

Decorate a dead-end hallway

Many homes have dead-end hallways leading to bedrooms and bathrooms, whose decor usually ends up neglected. Hanging a mirror on the wall of such a corridor adds depth and reflects views and light, turning a static space into a dynamic focal point.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, mirrors are not merely functional items for checking your reflection; they are versatile tools that can transform your living space. By carefully considering their placement, size, and frames, you can achieve various effects, from bohemian charm to minimalist elegance. As you embark on your interior decor journey, remember that occasionally, hanging mirrors or other items may require the skills of a handyman to ensure they are securely and expertly placed. So, don’t underestimate the power of mirrors in interior decor—use them creatively, and if needed, enlist the assistance of a handyman to enhance the beauty and functionality of your living spaces.

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