June 16, 2024
Is Santa's North Pole Home on Zillow Ready for the Pandemic

With the most recent news of Bird Flu reaching an epidemic level, families across the world are preparing themselves with anti-viral medications and face masks to protect themselves from catching this killer virus. However, an interesting find has popped up on Zillow’s Real Estate website this morning, making us wonder if Santa Claus has any of these pandemic prevention measures in place at his North Pole home. This house looks just like the one on Zillow! A quick search shows that not only are the houses remarkably similar but both are listed by the same real estate agent!

Don’t Panic

A must-read newbie guide to surviving a pandemic. Including how to protect yourself and loved ones, find food and water, stay in touch with others, etc. Just when you thought we were out of disasters…

This latest study from The National Academy of Sciences warns that a deadly flu pandemic is not only possible but inevitable. It could come as early as this winter!

Stock Up

Since homes in cold regions are at increased risk during a pandemic, those who live there should ensure that their home is equipped with the appropriate items. One of the most important things to have on hand is winter survival kits – these kits should include equipment and supplies for staying warm and clean during a pandemic event. Some supplies to include in your kit would be candles, gas or battery-powered lamps, sleeping bags or blankets, canned food, batteries, and matches.

Plan Your Escape Route

With flu season just around the corner, it’s time to be prepared. The CDC recommends that people take simple steps like staying home when sick and washing hands often, but sometimes you have to get out of dodge—even if you think it might make you even more vulnerable to sickness.

Stay Connected

As pandemic threats continue to increase and Santa prepares his elves for flight, it is important to check your contingency plans with Zillow Group. Is your home ready for the pandemic? What could you do today to prepare yourself in case of an emergency like a pandemic? Go ahead and find out before it’s too late.

Listen to Christmas Music

It was at that moment when I saw her laying there, it hit me like a freight train sang Ed Sheeran about his break up with Elora Rose. It is a common cliche that an event will strike you with an emotional impact much more harshly than anticipated. The holidays always had this same affective power over me growing up.

Turn Down the Heat

While the prospect of a pandemic may be unrealistic, there are steps you can take to protect your family and home. To start, make sure that you keep outdoor fire pits and stoves well away from combustible material like logs or leaves. Be mindful of what is stored in garages as this is where many people also keep their cars and potentially gas cans.

Keep an Eye Out for Treats

This is a great way to encourage families to stop and shop, too! It may be last minute, but if you have that one thing you were eyeing this holiday season for yourself or loved ones – it might not be a bad idea to make a beeline over there. Plus, it will give you time to look at all the new items and stock up on some other last-minute goods. Win-win!

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