April 22, 2024
Household Items Can Help You Repel Snakes from Your Home

When you are conscious of snakes writhing through the grass in your backyard, it ceases to be an oasis. Even though the most of them are harmless, you won’t want to play with your dog or walk barefoot across your own lawn because of them. Due to the uncertainty of when you will hear the next hiss in the bushes, gardening and letting your children outside to play also feel a little uneasy. Fortunately, there is a natural snake repellent you may use that is most likely available in your kitchen. Just a tiny touch of citrus will do.

Any of these citrus fruits will serve to ward off these slithering pests, whether you have a bowl of oranges, a bag of grapefruit, or a mountain of lemons gathering dust in the fridge. This not only enables you to utilize a resource you already have at home, but it also offers a fantastic green substitute for utilizing toxic sprays. This will benefit both your garden and any nearby wildlife that such pesticides might harm. Want to know how to do it? Here’s a guide on using citrus to ward off snakes.

How to keep snakes away using citrus

You may use citrus in a variety of ways to keep snakes out of your yard. Gathering your lemon and orange rinds will allow you to create a citrus solution first. Put them in a big mason jar as opposed to throwing them out. Once you have an adequate number of peels, add water to the jar and soak the skins for at least 24 hours. Use the citrusy spray as a natural snake deterrent by pouring the mixture through a sieve to catch the rinds. Spray it liberally over your deck, patio furniture, steps, children’s playground, and anything else you want snakes to stay away from after pouring it into a spray bottle. To keep the aroma potent, repeat this procedure once daily or every few days.

You can use the peels themselves as a deterrent if you’d rather save the effort of producing a spray. To prevent the snakes from approaching too closely, rub them into the terrace railing or the legs of furniture. Another option is to place a dish of wedges in key locations, such as beside the BBQ, the fence that reptiles keep slithering beneath, or the area where your children play. This will work because citrus fruits contain limonene, a substance that naturally repels these slithering annoyances.

Why Do Snakes Hate Citrus?

According to a pest control specialist in Palm Bay, FL the smell of citrus and the strong limonene scent is too powerful for the snakes olfactory nerves. It would be the same as a human getting a squirt of lemon juice right in the eye. The reaction is the same as when we take a whiff of ammonia.

A substance called limonene is present in various plants and the peels of citrus fruits. Medicine is made with it. Although limonene is used to treat obesity, cancer, and bronchitis, these uses are not well-supported by science. Limonene is used as a flavoring in a variety of foods, drinks, and chewing gum.

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