April 22, 2024
Get the Bohemian Look: 8 Rooms That Mix Patterns the Right Way

Looking to add some bohemian flair to your home? You might be tempted to go all out with lots of patterns in your bedding, curtains, and throw pillows, but it’s easy to overdo it. Here are 8 rooms that mix patterns the right way. Follow their lead and you’ll have the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics in no time!

1) Personal Style

Bohemian is all about breaking conventions. It’s not a style you wear, it’s a mindset you bring to life in your clothing and surroundings. Breaking patterns isn’t always easy, but when done right, it can be a beautiful addition to any room. From bold checkers and tattersall checks to gorgeous kilim designs, we compiled some of our favorite rooms that are able to mix patterns successfully!

2) Paint the Walls Neutral

When you’re trying to create a bohemian room, it can be tempting to go for a very bright or patterned wall color. But as many homeowners know, this strategy often means that every time you repaint, you’ll have to redo your entire décor! Instead of painting walls with two or three different colors and patterns, try one large block color paired with just one pattern in your furniture or pillows.

3) Choose Accent Colors

There are lots of ways to mix patterns, but there are certain colors that lend themselves to this look more than others. To get a room that feels bohemian without looking too busy, start with these complementary colors to base your palette on.

Cream and brown Navy and green (bright)

4) Introduce Pattern Carefully

While it may seem like pattern mixing is a trend that will pass, over time people have come to embrace different patterns. After all, we all want a space that is unique and reflects who we are! And what better way to do this than to incorporate a myriad of patterns into your décor? Before you break out your Sharpies and start sketching out ideas, though, let’s talk about how to incorporate pattern into an already beautifully decorated room-because not everyone can execute this look with ease.

5) Add Artwork

  1. Move your furniture out of the way, and then place a floor-length velvet curtain across one end of the room. Drape a patterned duvet on top, and then add a tasseled throw over the side for a bohemian nod to luxury.
  2. Get inventive with pattern placement by placing complementary patterns next to each other in different shades of gray on gray bedroom walls.

6) Keep Scale in Mind

Since patterns are always on trend, there’s really no reason not to mix them. Keep scale in mind when trying out this look though, because when it comes to mixing patterns, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. A little goes a long way with these styles. Scale is key and it should also reflect your personality and style. If you’re into things that are big and bold, then go for pattern overload. If you’re more reserved or traditional, stay conservative with the use of your prints!

7) Furniture Placement Is Key

Furniture placement is key when it comes to interior design. Whether you’re filling a space with patterned furniture or creating a cohesive look in your living room, pay attention to the way that different pieces can impact your space. What looks great on one side of the room might not be such a good idea on the other.

8) Don’t Go Overboard on Color Combinations

Too many colors can easily make a room chaotic. Rather than using a color palette that has more than 3-4 colors, stick to 2 or 3 which will allow you to mix and match patterns and still make it look intentional. A room with four different patterns is much more exciting to

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