February 27, 2024
Understanding the Different Types of Motorized Outdoor Rollup Sun Shades

If you’re in need of garage door repair in Everett, Washington or surrounding areas in Snohomish, King & Pierce Counties, look no further. Many garage service companies focus on large installations and opt not to make servicing them a priority. Not at “Best Garage Door Company.” We’re happy to swing by and get that garage door and/or opener up and running again.

As much as your garage door is one of the key elements of curb appeal, it’s also a primary means for entering your home and it’s important to you and your family’s safety. A compromised door can be dangerous. Don’t ignore that repair any longer. Garage door repair in Everett should be a priority as it is an invitation to intruders that may look for areas that are vulnerable and allow access. Making sure it’s secure, not only protects your home, but it helps detour those who might target your neighborhood.

Theft and intruders isn’t the only safety issue to consider. Like most structures, they are built in a specific way to enforce the integrity of function. Doors that get stuck or don’t open properly are accidents waiting to happen. Worn out springs or cables can break or snap, which could injure someone – or cause the door to unexpectedly slam shut and really harm you or a loved one. What may seem like a nuisance could become much more if it’s not dealt with promptly.

In Western Washington, places like Everett get a lot of rain and moisture can wreak havoc on your home. If you’re not going in your garage often because the door or garage door opener isn’t working correctly, you may miss that water is entering your home and causing long-term damage. Whatever minor expense you incur to fix the problem will be much less of a headache than having our team come out to make an affordable repair.

Since we’re on a roll, let’s talk about a couple other pesky issues. Pests! Know one wants to find out their sharing space with critters that belong outside. Once they move in to one area, they often decide to invite the whole family. Your garage door should always have healthy seals, panels, sensors, etc. Our garages often double as storage for out of season items or precious keepsakes. Rodents are known for making their home in these areas and destroying whatever they come in contact with. This is not something you want to uncover weeks or even months after damage has begun. Keep them out and keep yourself and your stuff safe.

We hope these tips are helpful, even if you don’t live in the Everett, Washington area. No matter where you live, you’ll, benefit from staying on top of your garage door repairs. If you do live in Snohomish, King, or Pierce County, we’d love to swing by and get you taken care of. We’re happy to get you a quick, but¬†quality¬†fix. Give us a ring: (425) 320-5149 or visit our website to get your garage repair on the schedule.

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