May 30, 2024
Do I have to give my neighbor the good side of the fence?

Alright, fence enthusiasts and curious homeowners, let’s tackle a backyard conundrum that’s been popping up more often than dandelions in spring. Ever thought, “Do I have to give my neighbor the good side of the fence?” Well, you’re not alone! So, let’s settle into this topic and explore the ins and outs of the “good side of the fence.”

So, What Exactly is this “Good Side” Talk?

For those who might be new to the fence game, the “good side” refers to the smooth, finished side that hides all the posts, rails, and construction bits. Conversely, the “bad side” showcases the framework and the back of the fence boards. There’s a whole debate on whether it’s proper etiquette to let your neighbors soak in the view of the polished side, or if homeowners should fully enjoy their fencing investment.

Is There a Law About the Good Side?

To set the record straight, there isn’t a universal law demanding you offer your neighbor the good side of the fence. But heads up: some local regulations or community rules might have their own take on it. So, before you make a decision, it’s always savvy to check with local by-laws or neighborhood guidelines.

Why Might You Offer the Good Side to the Neighbor?

  1. Good Vibes Only: Remember the old saying, “Love thy neighbor.” Offering them the good side of the fence might be a peace gesture, ensuring the next neighborhood gathering is all smiles.
  2. Lookin’ Good: Depending on your yard’s layout, the good side facing outward might just enhance the overall look of your property.
  3. Maintenance Perks: Little secret – if your neighbors are staring at the good side every day, chances are they might take the initiative to keep it clean and spick-and-span!

Reasons to Keep the Good Side for Yourself:

  1. You Footed the Bill: It’s your hard-earned money. Maybe relishing the good side makes you feel the investment was worth every penny.
  2. Safety First: The “bad side” with its horizontal rails might just give ambitious climbers (two or four-legged) an unintended boost. The smooth side doesn’t offer those footholds.
  3. Personal Touch: Dreaming of hanging plant pots, outdoor art, or festive lights? The good side gives a neat backdrop for all your decor plans.

Alright, What’s the Final Say?

There’s no definitive answer, really. It hinges on your personal preference, how chummy you are with the neighbors and your yard’s aesthetic. A friendly tip: discussing it with your neighbors might be insightful – they might not have a strong opinion either way!

Still feeling unsure about which side to lean on? No worries. The key is to find what resonates with you. After all, the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors, regardless of which side you’re looking at!

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