February 27, 2024
Americans Can't Get Enough of This Cozy Home Decor Item

The living room is the most-visited room in the house, so it makes sense that Americans would want to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. That’s where home decor comes in, making the rest of your house feel warm and inviting by incorporating elements that are pleasing to the eye—and the touch! In fact, according to Pinterest, Americans can’t get enough of this cozy home decor item. Do you know what it is?

The introduction

One of the most beloved home decor items is a rug, and there’s good reason why! Not only do they brighten up a room with color and create texture that no other item can, but they also bring warmth to an otherwise empty space. Whether you’re looking for modern, country, elegant or rustic, there is a style for everyone.

How Much Is A Rug? It all depends on the material it’s made out of and where you purchase it from. If you’re looking for something affordable and easy to clean, then I recommend buying a synthetic material like polyester. These rugs are usually around $150 – $300 depending on size. If you want something more high-end that will last years, then consider wool.

They’re usually around $250 – $400 depending on size. While this price might seem pricey at first, these rugs will last you a long time and look great in any room. Another option would be cotton which typically costs $200-$350 depending on the size and what pattern you choose. You may have noticed that natural fibers tend to be pricier than synthetics, but if it matters to you that your home is free of toxins then this is the way to go!

The body

There are countless decor trends in the home, from cozy knits to chic palettes and more. Yet, one search term that continues to rank at the top for Americans is cozy. Whether it’s a blanket or throw pillow or entire interior, Americans just can’t get enough when it comes to coziness! What other home decor items are you loving? Comment below and let us know! I’m obsessing over these 25 Elegant Wood Wall Panels (pictured) on Wayfair!

This beautiful rug is perfect for any living room space.

And this next generation of outdoor heating options will keep you nice and warm during those colder winter months – if only we could convince our dog! When it comes to lighting, you don’t have to break the bank with these affordable LED light bulbs. If you’re looking for that extra touch, then why not try one of these stunning wall sculptures.

And finally, who doesn’t love a plush area rug? But what’s really cool about these is they are reversible and come in a variety of colors to suit your mood!

The conclusion

America’s most-searched home decor item is none other than a throw blanket. It looks like Americans can’t get enough of this cozy home decor item and are on the hunt for anything that will keep them warm this winter. Throw blankets come in many different colors, sizes, and materials. What color and size will you be looking for?

Do you prefer fluffy or light-weight? Cotton or fleece? Whatever your preference, there’s bound to be something to fit your needs! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite picks! We love how neutral these blankets are and how they go with everything. Plus, they’re made out of soft, silky material so they’re perfect for lounging around all day. Who doesn’t want one of these laying across their laps as they curl up with a good book?!

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