May 30, 2024
A Maximalist Philadelphia Home That's Just Been Remodeled

The homeowners in this home certainly weren’t afraid to take risks with their remodeling project, and that risk has certainly paid off for them! This home features plenty of modern amenities, including wood flooring, updated appliances, and sleek décor throughout. Not only does the entire space feel new and clean, but it gives off an air of comfortable luxury as well. In fact, you might even be wondering what it was like before the remodel! The design team included not only a real estate agent but also interior designers, who really brought this residence to life with their work.

  1. The backstory of the home

The owners of this home wanted to create a space that was completely different from what they had originally. They started by covering everything in white sheets, which helped them get an idea of the layout. From there, they covered every surface in paint, including ceilings and ceilings inside closets! The result is a vibrant yet crisp space.

  1. The layout

The first thing that stands out is the use of whites, greys, and blacks. Those who are used to a heavy color palette might be taken aback by the simplicity in design. The black, white, and grey create the perfect backdrop for some modern pops of color. When you turn around to see all the texture in the walls and ceilings that have been added there is no denying that this is a home with personality.

  1. The style

The design aesthetic of the new area is based off the concept of a Maximally Minimalistic style. This not only means that no detail was spared, but also that any detail can be used to its fullest extent. When making a decision about an object, you might ask yourself: Does this object feel outdated? Is there another way I could use it to achieve more? If the answer is yes for either of these questions, then it should not be included in the design.

  1. The designer

The homeowner wanted the space to be a place where they could entertain friends and family so they were looking for a space that could be open and cohesive while still having some distinctive features. Their vision was achieved by adding depth to the space through new flooring, furnishings, colors, and artwork. It was finished off with some geometric detail in the fireplaces and ceilings.

  1. Packing in personality through decor

Before and afters of an interior makeover shows the power of paint. Hues that fit with your style should be chosen, along with materials that are not only visually pleasing but can stand up to wear and tear.

  1. The lighting design

Installing new lighting can be done quickly and with just a few steps. With the help of bright and energy-efficient LED lights, you can turn your boring house into an exciting home that feels less like a place to sleep and more like a cozy place for friends and family to spend time. Your life will feel more joyful, productive, and confident thanks to your new space.

  1. Custom tilework and woodwork

The new owners have added a lot of personal touches, such as custom tilework and woodwork that make the home feel even more like theirs. It was important to the new owners to preserve some old and quaint features, Powell says.

  1. How it all came together

The owners had been wanting to renovate for a while, but when they met their new neighbors and the communal space, it became important to create a place that felt warm and welcoming. They partnered with architect Jessica Sullivan-Boehmer who helped them create this space. The owners wanted the home to feel calm, so they turned a dramatic dining room into a calming sitting area with abundant plants. The kitchen was expanded and updated with amenities like an island with seating on both sides of it.

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