July 22, 2024
5 Most swoon worthy home in Savannah

Sometimes the perfect home decor looks just as good on the wall as it does on the table or in the center of your home’s floor. The latest trend in DIY home decor that you’ll love is our hand-stamped statement walls that will look gorgeous in any part of your home, whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Here are five different hand-stamped statement walls with tips and inspiration on how to create them yourself.

1) Hand-stamped texture

Hand-stamped textured can give a room a whole new look and feel without too much effort. Whether you use it as an accent wall, or for the entire space, hand stamping is a great way to add dimension and personality to your home decor. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on furniture or accessories to make an impactful statement.

A simple paint color change will dramatically change the ambiance of any room in your house. To show you how easy it is, we’ve created five hand-stamped statement walls that cost less than $100 in materials (excluding frame purchase).

2) Wall hanging

Hanging on a living room wall or in the entryway, a mantel in the kitchen, an over-bed headboard, a kitchen island, or even just hung up on your fridge. There are many places where these stylish and creative hand-stamped statement walls can be placed and you’ll want to get creative with them! The possibilities are endless for their use. You could place one above your bed, above a fireplace, at the top of stairs or on any wall space that needs some extra personality. A big blank canvas is all it takes to create these DIY home decor ideas – so let’s get started!

3) Wood slice wall decor

This design is for the ultimate DIYer, and it’s an amazing project to complete over a weekend. This patchwork DIY wall comes together using any leftover wood planks you might have on hand (or if you’re feeling a little more ambitious and want to invest in some wood from your local hardware store). The project starts by screwing the various wooden pieces into the studs of your wall at an angle that creates a textured look and feel.

4) Wall art sign

Statement walls are not only a trend but they can also be created on the cheap. Spruce up your home decor by creating hand-stamped statement walls for any room of your home. The initial cost for materials is about $15-25 per statement wall, depending on the size and material you choose. This budget-friendly project will take a few hours to complete but results in an interesting focal point in your space.

5) Chalkboard wall

A fun, modern take on chalkboard paint is to use it as a striking wall decorating idea. I’ve been in a few coffee shops that have some type of vibrant statement wall displaying a menu or their coffee blends. This is a fabulous way to jazz up an otherwise blank, boring wall space and make your house feel more like home. In order to achieve this trendy look, purchase and mix two parts liquid chalkboard paint and one part water, then stir it together until you get a thick consistency.

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