February 27, 2024
Here are 5 Good Ways to Say Thank You, Do You Know?

Have you said thank you today? In our daily life, maybe we often hear words of thanks and say thank you. Whether it’s just small talk or sincerely saying thank you is one of the basic ethics that is mandatory in communicating with others, especially when receiving something or help from others.

So, saying thank you to the other person who hears it is a form of appreciation, so to make your thank you more meaningful, of course there are ways, such as giving it with custom handwritten letters. Curious? Here’s a good way to say thank you. Let’s see!

1: Say thank you with a smile

Yes, you should already know about this, right? Don’t forget, a smile usually leaves a deeper impression, even if it’s a fake or insincere smile. Because, of course it is difficult to be able to maintain a good mood all the time so that you can always smile sincerely.

But, believe me smiling when saying thank you is much better than thanking with a sour or sullen face. Because people might misunderstand if you put on a sullen face when thanking you. So, keep smiling okay!

2: Be specific about thanking

Saying the intention of thanking something is also better than just saying the word ‘thank you’. Because that clarifies the meaning of thanking and feels more sincere unless thanking is just lip service.

For example, a friend helped you finish your college assignment, what would you say? ‘Thank you for helping me with my college assignments’ or just ‘thank you’? Of course, you already know which way to say thank you is more ‘nice’ to hear in the example situation above.

3: Say thank you while mentioning the name of the other person

Saying thank you while mentioning the other person’s name can make communication with that person much better, you know, because it seems more personal and friendly.

For older people, for example: thank you Pak Budi/thank you, Mrs. Dewi

For people of the same age: thank you Andi/thank you Siti or you can add the word bro/sis to make it sound more familiar (should only be used with friends/people who are your age or are already familiar with you)

So, it’s obvious, isn’t it a difference compared to just saying 2 words ‘thank you’?

4: Express your gratitude with good body language

Remember, that body language is also an important communication tool that can show whether you are truly grateful or not. Let’s say you get a thank you from someone else, but that person says while looking away how do you feel?

Yes, there are many other body languages that show how you really feel than words on the mouth. So, be careful because more or less other people will also pay attention to your body language when speaking.

5: Try to always say thank you with sincerity and custom handwritten letters

Well, the last one actually says thank you doesn’t need any method as long as you are really sincere then your gestures and words must be more meaningful to those who hear them. However, if you really can’t be sincere, try again to be more sincere while practicing the tips above. There is another thing that needs to be considered when giving thanks, is to enter custom handwritten letters so that they are easy to accept. This is the art of modern handwriting that many people should pay attention to when congratulating or thanking them.

May be useful!

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